Our Mission

The objective of this organization shall be the encouragement and support of young singers and the continuing education of members in the appreciation and knowledge of opera.

About DLOG

The Denver Lyric Opera Guild (DLOG) is one of the oldest non-profit opera support groups in Colorado. Since its inception, DLOG has been a generous and vibrant organization and has earned the trust of members and foundations to fill a unique role in support of young opera singers in Colorado.

Seeking to appreciate, promote and encourage young singers, the Guild fulfills its primary mission through extensive monetary support:

  • Monetary awards are given to the top fifteen winners of our Annual Competition. Grants are awarded each year to Colorado's colleges, universities and apprentice programs for young opera singers in training.
  • The Guild has demonstrated the highest level of fiduciary responsibility, which inspires the trust of our donors.

The Guild is proud to support the opera scene in Colorado. To date, over $1,000,000 has been given in Competition awards and grants.

Wei Wu performing with the Denver Lyric Opera Guild
“Your Competition was my first professional vocal competition since I came to the United States. It helped me to understand more and learn more about how to develop myself more fully, be a better singer and improve my stage presence and artistry. The Competition was my first chance to build my confidence of being on the professional stage. I am so grateful and appreciative of my time with DLOG.”
- Wei Wu, multiple year Competition winner, star of Santa Fe Opera’s world premiere of The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs and Emmy Award winner.

Our History

The Denver Lyric Opera Guild was founded in 1965 by Helen Burns and a group of dedicated women to help support thelocal theater, which later became the Denver Lyric Opera Company. Their vision has flourished and is now supported by a solid core of dedicated members whose mission is "the encouragement and support of young singers and the continuing education of the members in appreciation and knowledge of opera."

The ever popular "Opera on Tuesday" debuted in 1973. These first Tuesday gatherings offer members the opportunity of viewing and hearing excerpts from upcoming university musical productions, hearing both neophyte and experienced singers, learning from informative lecturers and enjoying lunch in the company of other Guild members.

Since 1984, the Denver Lyric Opera Guild has presented the Competition for Colorado Singers, a dynamic and bountiful event open to music students, age 23-32. Selected contestants attend an exclusive Master Class led by prominent music educators, opera performers and leaders in the opera world. Celebrated opera directors from across the globe serve as judges for the competitions. The finalists and five promising honorable-mention finalists receive generous awards.